A Journey in Style

At Austral Bricks, we understand that building a new home is a lifetime experience. The realisation of a dream, a union of your ideas, an expression of your style. We are dedicated to building the most exciting homes in Australia and have the largest range of brick finishes and colours for you to select from.

With enduring style, energy saving efficiency, and everlasting strength, a home built with Austral Bricks is a place to live, love and be you.

Discover the foundations of style with the inaugural 2024 Brick of the Year: San Selmo Classico in Limewash.

8 in 10 new homes are built with brick. Bricks have enduring style that, when backed with a 100-year warranty, is guaranteed to look stylish forever.

From residential, commercial to architectural applications, our Advanced Brick Systems can be used as a lightweight system that gives the appearance of authentic brickwork without the weight or space restrictions.

The ultimate in quality and durability, our range of pavers are the perfect look for your outdoor courtyard or landscaping. Our pavers come in an extensive colour palette for endless design possibilities.

Mortex is a factory manufactured, quality assured premixed M4 rated mortar solution which can save labour time, increase efficiency, removes the need for on site blending, and is compliant with AS3700:2001. Mortex takes the guess work out of mortar blending and reduces the potential for under strength, non compliant mortar use which can ultimately reduce potential liabilities and save money and time on rectifications.

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Complimentary Services

Book a Free Colour Consultation

Our expert team will help you select materials and finishes to match your style. This is your chance to bring your design plans to life and create the basis of your dream home. 

Find Your Brick Match

Let our team of experts provide the best match for your next project. From colour to texture, matching the right brick is what we can do.

Try iVisualise - Our Virtual Design Tool

We can make the design process easier and assist you with your design decisions. See your dream home in a fully detailed, realistic 3D digital model before installation, rebuilding or construction.

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Austral Bricks

8 in 10 new homes are built with brick

Known for our ever-dependable products and services, Austral Bricks is backed by an exclusive 100-year warranty, so you can be confident your investment is in safe hands.

Founded in 1908, Austral has been leading the way in brick manufacturing and design for over 100 years. It is no surprise we have an enduring relationship with our customers, and we are consistently chosen by leading builders, and world-class architects and designers.

Owned and operated in Australia, Austral Bricks manufactures bricks in Australia, for Australians, designed to meet the demands of the harsh Australian climate.

Our presence extends globally, with our bricks being consistently chosen by the world's most inspiring architects and designers to construct iconic architecture everywhere from Hong Kong to Amsterdam. Plus, we have a design studio open on Fifth Avenue, New York.

Bricks have enduring style that, when backed with a 100-year warranty, is guaranteed to look stylish forever.

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