Stretch the boundaries of brickwork

The Austral Bricks Thin Tech Plus® system is a strong, durable thin brick veneer system designed in Australia. Each thin brick is secured by hooks to mechanically interlock thin brick to the panel.


Technically Advanced

- Provides the thinnest, most resilient support structure specifically designed to accommodate thin brick without the need for adhesives.

- Achieves superior drainage, ventilation and pressure equalisation with the designed in support channels, saving the need for secondary subframing.

- ZAM® steel panel provides a rust prevention barrier.

- Guarantees standard brick coursing in any application.

- Lightweight design reduces footings and lintel requirements.

- Cost-efficient wall design and reduced labour costs.


- 100 year warranty on brick colour fastness and durability

- 50 year system warranty for corrosion zones up to C3

Product Features


Austral Bricks is the only brick manufacturer to produce a thin veneer metal panel system for brick that is suitable for exterior and interior usage. Measuring in at 42mm, Thin Tech Plus provides a versatile way to apply lightweight face brick to any home, replacing fibre cement, wood, metal and aluminium cladding.


Thin Tech Plus panels are profiled and include a 20mm cavity allowing your building to breathe all year round.

Austral Bricks' Thin Tech Plus products are offered with extended warranties lasting up to 50 years.

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