The outdoor essentials

From conversation and relaxation spaces, to dream outdoor kitchens and playful pool areas,

take inspiration from our line-up of exterior experts to dream big

when it comes to your outdoor space.



Defining your outdoor space

For even our savviest of home renovators, we understand that

creating a well-designed outdoor space can be challenging.


To keep things simple, we've divided our free guide into the

key areas of any outdoor space:


1. Eat

Alfresco entertaining is a favourite Australian pastime. Here are our top tips for creating the outdoor dining area and gourmet kitchen of your dreams.


Top Tips

1. Go with the flow

2. Choose flexible furniture

3. Consider the elements

4. Make a statement

5. Have fun with colour

2. Drink

Whether hosting family and friends or simply enjoying the spoils of your natural surroundings, taking time to unwind by the fire with a drink in hand, can provide the ultimate in laid back luxury.


Top Tips

1. Pave the way

2. Comfort is key

3. Add fire

4. Get technical

5. Cheers to that!

3. Play

Take it outside and encourage kids and adults alike to switch off, with an outdoor are that ticks all the entertaining boxes for year-round living.


Top Tips

1. Keep it connected

2. Consider your zones

3. Go natural

4. Light the way

5. Thing big

4. Relax

Create a backyard oasis by carving out a space to relax and recharge that merges both beauty and functionality.


Top Tips

1. Let the light in

2. Consider the design

3. Add lushness with plants

4. Create spaces that sing

5. Ensure privacy


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